NuPure Size Selection Kit

The NuPure Size Selection Kit is designed for tunable size selection of nucleic acid fragments in the library construction process for next generation sequencing (NGS). The magnetic beads in this kit feature a high binding capacity, slow sedimentation rate and are suspended in a special binding buffer that facilitates ratio-metric size selection of NGS input DNA and library prep adapter ligation end products

Product ID Product Name Pricing
Catalog # Product Name Unit Size Unit Price
K1919-100 NuPure Size Selection Kit (100 preps) 1 Kit $129.00 Add to Cart
Catalog # Product Name Unit Size Unit Price
K1919-SMP NuPure Size Selection Kit (SAMPLE) 1 Kit Contact Us
Kits Components:
  • NuPure Beads 10 mL
  • Wash Buffer 5 mL
  • Elution Buffer 6 mL
Product Name NuPure Size Selection Kit
Shipping Condition Ambient Temperature
Storage and Stability 2-8 °C
Safety and Data Sheets (SDS):
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