NuPure Beads

NuPure beads utilizes magnetic bead technology and an optimized buffer system for high-throughput purification of DNA and RNA fragments of a desired length. NuPure beads are uniform and stable for tunable and highly consistent DNA and RNA reaction purification and size selection in next-generation sequencing library preparation or other molecular biology workflows. The purification procedure is highly flexible to a variety of automation platforms because it utilizes magnetic separation and requires no centrifugation or vacuum filtration. The design enables faster binding, with high sensitivity and selectivity, in both manual and automated application. We also have the following kits available for PCR Cleanup and DNA/RNA Size Selection:

NuPure PCR Cleanup Kit

NuPure Size Selection Kit


  • Superior performance – optimized and designed to match or outperform other competitors.
  • Superior capacity and yield – large surface area and high binding capacity for rapid and efficient target purificatio.
  • Superior purity – stable and smooth spherical surface for fast and efficient cleanups to remove unwanted reaction components.
  • Eco-friendly – no costly columns required and minimal use of plastics.


  • PCR Clean-up
  • Size Selection
  • NGS Library Prep
  • Fragment analysis
  • Restriction Digestion Clean-up
  • Product ID Product Name Pricing
    Catalog # Product Name Unit Size Unit Price
    N1620-005 NuPure Beads 5 mL $89.00 Add to Cart
    N1620-050 NuPure Beads 50 mL $459.00 Add to Cart
    N1620-500 NuPure Beads 500 mL $2669.00 Add to Cart
    Catalog # Product Name Unit Size Unit Price
    N1620-SMP NuPure Beads, Sample Contact Us
    • Volume Offered: 5 mL, 50 mL and 500 mL
    • Bulk order is availabe. Please contact us for a quotation
    Product Name NuPure Beads
    Shipping Condition Ambient Temperature
    Storage and Stability 2-8 °C
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