Quantum Dots

Quantum dots (QDs) are fluorescent semiconductor nanocrystals that have unique optical and electronic properties:

These properties make QDs a unique class of light emitting nanoparticles that find promising potentials in optoelectronics, biotechnology and medicines.

Ocean NanoTech offers a complete line of core/shell QD products in solid form, in organic solvents or aqueous solution. Ocean NanoTech’s QDs can be used in photovoltaics, light emitting diodes (LEDs), telecommunication and diode lasers. They can also be used in sensing, drug delivery, cell imaging, labeling of biomolecules, as well as other applications in life sciences and biotechnology.

Ocean NanoTech has transcended the challenges in bulk preparation of the high quality QDs through two recent revolutionary breakthroughs. The first breakthrough involves a change of the precursors from organometallic dimethylcadmium and dimethylzinc to inorganic materials such as cadmium oxide, cadmium acetate, and zinc oxide, as well as a change from the sulfur precursor, hexamethylsilylathiane, to elemental sulfur. The second breakthrough involves the shell layer crystallization controlled by a layer-by-layer procedure in which the cationic and anionic layers grow alternatingly through separate injections. In this process, the amount of cationic or anionic layers is controlled within a monolayer scale for each injection where the amout o free cations or anions in the reaction system can be kept at minimum before the injection of the oppositely charged ion. Ocean NanoTech’s QDs at the emission wavelength range of 400-665 nm have high quantum yield (>50%), and have been used in various applications.