Application Kits and Reagents

Ocean NanoTech offers better solutions for a wide range of molecular biology applications, including a range of reagents, and ready-to-use kits for your testing needs. Our cutting edge conjugation and nucleic acid isolation kits utilized a unique magnetic bead-based technology to capture and isolate a desired target for your testing needs.

Ocean NanoTech Application Kits and Reagents are an excellent choice for since we offer the best balance between quality, capacity, reproducibility, purity, and cost when used in various biomedical applications. Our Application Kits use a series of magnetic particles that are modified with different functional groups for your capturing, separating, and purifying needs, while our Reagents undergo strict measures to ensure they are DNase- and RNase-free. You can also purchase our application kits with one part numbers or our reagents for your commercialization development needs.