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Ocean News >> Bismuth Nanoparticles for Spectral CT
Bismuth Nanoparticles for Spectral CT

Ocean NanoTech has received a FastTrack award of $2.0 millions from the NIH for the development of a fibrin-specific molecular imaging agent designed to be used with a new type of computed tomography (CT) scanner, spectral (multicolor) computed tomography, which is capable of “seeing” metals in color.


Spectral CT detectors discriminate the full spectrum of the X-ray beam to resolve metal deposits that would be indistinguishable using a traditional CT imaging based on attenuation. The breakthrough technology developed in this project will complement on-going Spectral CT innovations to enable robust quantitative diagnosis of intracoronary ruptured plaque risk, not only improving healthcare outcomes but also reducing healthcare costs.

By 10/03/2012