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Ocean News >> Quantum Dots and Iron Oxide Nanocrystals f
Quantum Dots and Iron Oxide Nanocrystals f

Ocean NanoTech received a NIH SBIR Phase I award to develop a portable, sensitive, high throughput, low cost, and user friendly system for the early stage diagnosis of ovarian cancer using magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs), quantum dots (QDs), and a nanoelectrode array (NEA) all integrated in a disposable lab-on-a-chip.  The proposed system will consists of a fully automated instrument that requires a disposable lab-on-a-chip device that uses very sensitive high quantum yield quantum dots and nanoelectrode array for signal generation in the diagnosis of stage I levels of ovarian cancer biomarkers at concentrations potentially ≤ 1 ng/mL in a  ≤ 60 min assay. It will be fully automated allowing high throughput analysis, high sensitivity with > 95% reliability, and minimizing false positives and false negatives. Unlike existing diagnostic methods of ovarian cancer which are either invasive or detect biomarkers too late in the progress of the disease leading to very low survival rate, the system is anticipated to detect early stages of the disease which is the most promising approach to the long term survival of ovarian cancer patients. The system is anticipated to diagnose early stage ovarian cancer that can be used for the following very important purposes: 1) regular monitoring of high risk women; 2) diagnose early stage of the disease at the onset of vague clinical symptoms; 3) monitor changes in the ovarian cancer biomarker levels during medication; and 4) detection system during the development and efficacy testing of drugs, vaccine, or other therapeutic molecules.

By 07/16/2010