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AGA is a group of water soluble silver nanoparticles with amphiphilic polymer and PEG coating. Their reactive group is amine and their zeta potential is from -10mV to +10mV. Their organic layers consist of a monolayer of dodecanethiol, a monolayer of amphiphilic polymer and a monolayer of PEG. The overall thickness of the organic layers is about 6 nm. The hydrodynamic size of the nanoparticles is about 12-14 nm larger than their inorganic core size measured by TEM.

AGA is very stable in most buffer solutions in the pH range of 4-10 and can survive the autoclaving (121°C for 30 min) processes.
Since the zeta potential of AGA is close to zero, its long-term colloidal stability is not as good as that of AGH. Light precipitation may occur during storage. Please check the expiration date of the AGA products before conjugation. The amine density of AGA is low due to the long PEG chain.

AGA can be conjugated to carboxyl or thiol containing molecules.
Catalog No.SizeSize DeviationAmount1Price($) 
AGA-07-00057 nm+/-1 nm5 mg249.00
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