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Ocean Nanotech’s carboxylic acid magnetic beads are uniform and superparamagnetic beads with a layer of covalently bonded BSA. This layer of covalently bonded BSA make our magnetic beads an ideal platform for ligands immobilization with significant low non-specific binding.

In order to maximize the binding capacity of our magnetic beads, high density of carboxyl groups were derived based on the covalently bonded BSA.

  • Significantly low non-specific binding: the bead’s surface is pre-blocked with a layer of covalently bonded BSA
  • High binding capacity: Equivalent or higher binding capacity than other suppliers
  • High iron content: 30% to 60% depending on the size
  • Size flexibility: carboxylic acid functionalized magnetic beads offer sizes from 50 nm to 1 µm

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    Conjugation Protocols
  • Super Mag 50 nm
  • Super Mag 100 nm
  • Super Mag 150 nm
  • Super Mag 200 nm
  • Mono Mag 500 nm
  • Mono Mag 1 µm
  • Mono Mag 3 µm
  • Mono Mag 4.5 µm
  • Hi-Sur Mag 150 nm
  • Hi-Sur Mag 1 µm

  • Catalog No.SizeAmount1Price($) 
    CCK-05050 nm10 mg299.00
    CCK-07575 nm10 mg299.00
    CCK-100100 nm10 mg299.00
    CCK-150150 nm10 mg299.00
    CCK-200200 nm10 mg299.00
    CCK-500500 nm20 mg349.00
    CCK-10001 µm20 mg349.00
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