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Ocean NanoTech’s N-hydroxysuccinimide (NHS) activated magnetic beads are uniform and superparamagnetic beads with a layer of covalently bonded BSA. This layer of covalently bonded BSA make our magnetic beads an ideal platform for ligands immobilization with significant low non-specific binding.

In order to maximize the binding capacity of our magnetic beads, high density of NHS groups are derived based on the covalently bonded BSA. We compared all our surface activated beads (NHS activated, Epoxy activated, Tosyl activated, Aldehyde Actuated, divinyl sulfone activated) with the surface activated magnetic beads from other supplier. We found our NHS activated magnetic beads have the highest binding capacity (we discontinue the Epoxy activated, Tosyl activated, Aldehyde Actuated, and divinyl sulfone activated beads now due to their relative low binding capacity). The activated magnetic beads could react with primary amines from targeted protein or ligands in a simple mix-and-go format for use in custom affinity purification experiments. Once the covalent bond is formed, the stable linkage could prevent protein or ligands leaching from the bead surface. The properties of these activated magnetic beads are shown below.

  • Significantly low non-specific binding: the bead’s surface is pre-blocked with a layer of covalently bonded BSA
  • High binding capacity: Equivalent or higher binding capacity than other suppliers
  • Size flexibility: NHS activated magnetic beads offer sizes from 50 nm to 1 µm
  • Easy to use: these beads can conjugate with amine containing ligands in a single reaction without multiple-step treatment
  • Safety: no hazardous chemicals are needed during conjugation

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    How to Choose the Appropriate Magnetic Beads:
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    Conjugation Protocols:
  • Super Mag 50 nm
  • Super Mag 100 nm
  • Super Mag 150 nm
  • Super Mag 200 nm
  • Mono Mag 500 nm
  • Mono Mag 1 um
  • Mono Mag 3 um
  • Mono Mag 4.5 um
  • Hi-Sur Mag 1 um

  • Catalog No.DescriptionSizeAmount1Price($) 
    MHN-050-10Super Mag NHS Activated Beads 50 nm10 mg199.00
    MHN-100-10Super Mag NHS Activated Beads 100 nm10 mg199.00
    MHN-150-10Super Mag NHS Activated Beads 150 nm10 mg199.00
    MHN-200-10Super Mag NHS Activated Beads 200 nm10 mg199.00
    MN0501Mono Mag NHS Activated Beads 500 nm10 mg150.00
    MN1001Mono Mag NHS Activated Beads 1 µm10 mg150.00
    MN3001Mono Mag NHS Activated Beads 3 µm50 mg199.00
    MN4501Mono Mag NHS Activated Beads 4.5 µm50 mg199.00
    HN0151Hi-Sur Mag NHS Activated Beads 150 nm10 mg199.00
    HN1001Hi-Sur Mag NHS Activated Beads 1 µm10 mg199.00
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