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QPP is a group of highly purified CdSSe/ZnS core/shell alloy quantum dots in solid form. The surface ligand is oleic acid. They can be dispersed in most organic solvents such as toluene, chloroform, hexane, etc. With very low number of free organic ligand and very low organic impurity, these quantum dots are specifically designed as emitters for optoelectronic applications such as LEDs. Please find the information about using these quantum dots for the fabrication of QDLEDs in our related publications.
Catalog No.Quantum Yield1FWHM2Emission PeakAmount1Price($) 
QPP-450-10>50%<35 nm450 nm10 mg179.00
QPP-450-50>50%<35 nm450 nm50 mg549.00
QPP-490-10>50%<35 nm490 nm10 mg179.00
QPP-490-50>50%<35 nm490 nm50 mg549.00
QPP-525-10>50%<35 nm525 nm10 mg179.00
QPP-525-50>50%<35 nm525 nm50 mg549.00
QPP-540-10>50%<35 nm540 nm10 mg179.00
QPP-540-50>50%<35 nm540 nm50 mg549.00
QPP-575-10>50%<35 nm575 nm10 mg179.00
QPP-575-50>50%<35 nm575 nm50 mg549.00
QPP-600-10>50%<35 nm600 nm10 mg179.00
QPP-600-50>50%<35 nm600 nm50 mg549.00
QPP-630-10>50%<35 nm630 nm10 mg179.00
QPP-630-50>50%<35 nm630 nm50 mg549.00
QPP-645-10>50%<35 nm645 nm10 mg179.00
QPP-645-50>50%<35 nm645 nm50 mg549.00
QPP-665-10>50%<35 nm665 nm10 mg179.00
QPP-665-50>50%<35 nm665 nm50 mg549.00
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