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QFH is a group of water soluble CdSe/ZnS core/shell quantum dots with poly (ethylene glycol)-appended dihydrolipoic acid (DHLA-PEG) coating, which offer high fluorescence with great long-term colloidal stability over a broad pH range (5-10) and accessible to simple and efficient bioconjugation techniques. Our conjugate design combines the use of mixed ligand exchange strategy: capping QDs with a mixture of a desired reactive ligand and an inert ligand. The mixed ligands strategy allows the introduction of a small but controlled fraction of terminal amines on the QD surface to modulate the number of bound molecules. Unlike encapsulation strategy, the hydrophilic nanoparticles provided here by ligand exchange are compact in size, reactive with target dyes/molecules and suitable for use in biosensing applications (e.g., via Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET)).

*Other size QDs with different terminal functional groups are available upon request.

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  • Catalog No.Functional GroupQuantum Yield1FWHM1Emission PeakAmount(Particle)Price($) 
    QFH-535-04carboxylic acid> 30%< 30 nm535 nm4 nmol299.00
    QFH-535-20carboxylic acid> 30%< 30 nm535 nm20 nmol899.00
    QFH-570-04carboxylic acid> 30%< 30 nm570 nm4 nmol299.00
    QFH-570-20carboxylic acid> 30%< 30 nm570 nm20 nmol899.00
    QFH-620-04carboxylic acid> 30%< 35 nm620 nm4 nmol299.00
    QFH-620-20carboxylic acid> 30%< 35 nm620 nm20 nmol899.00
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