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QVH is a group of autoclaved water soluble alloy CdSSe/ZnS or CdSe/ZnS core/shell quantum dots with amphiphilic polymer coating. QVH has been autoclaved at 121°C for 30 min, which is suitable for experiments that require enzyme-free conditions.
Their reactive group of QVH is carboxylic acid. The zeta potential of QVH is from -30mV to -50mV. Their organic layers consist of a monolayer of oleic acid/octadecylamine and a monolayer of amphiphilic polymer. The thickness of the total organic layers is about 4 nm. The hydrodynamic size of the QDs is about 8-10 nm larger than their inorganic core size measured by TEM.
QVH is very stable in most buffer solutions in the pH range of 5-10.
Catalog No.Quantum Yield1FWHM2Emission PeakAmount(Particle)Price($) 
QVH-450-04>50%<35 nm450 nm4 nmol299.00
QVH-450-20>50%<35 nm450 nm20 nmol999.00
QVH-490-04>50%<35 nm490 nm4 nmol299.00
QVH-490-20>50%<35 nm490 nm20 nmol999.00
QVH-525-04>50%<35 nm525 nm4 nmol299.00
QVH-525-20>50%<35 nm525 nm20 nmol999.00
QVH-540-04>50%<35 nm540 nm4 nmol299.00
QVH-540-20>50%<35 nm540 nm20 nmol999.00
QVH-580-04>50%<25 nm580 nm4 nmol299.00
QVH-580-20>50%<25 nm580 nm20 nmol999.00
QVH-600-04>50%<25 nm600 nm4 nmol299.00
QVH-600-20>50%<25 nm600 nm20 nmol999.00
QVH-620-04>50%<25 nm620 nm4 nmol299.00
QVH-620-20>50%<25 nm620 nm20 nmol999.00
QVH-645-04>50%<35 nm645 nm4 nmol299.00
QVH-645-20>50%<35 nm645 nm20 nmol999.00
QVH-665-04>50%<35 nm665 nm4 nmol299.00
QVH-665-20>50%<35 nm665 nm20 nmol999.00
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