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QBO is a group of water soluble CdSe/ZnS quantum dots with amphiphilic polymer coated with PEG and conjugated with phenylboronic acid (PBA). Their functional group is PBA. At the physiological pH of 7.4, PBA binds favorably with sialic acid (SA) among many common carbohydrates (mannose, glucose, galactose, and SA), which are found on the glycan structures of cell membrane surfaces. Changes in SA expression are closely associated with various disease states such as cancer, cardiovascular and neurological diseases. QBO can specifically and efficiently label SA on living cells.
Catalog No.Quantum Yield3FWHM1Emission PeakAmount(nmole)Price($) 
QBO-450-01>50%<35 nm450 nm1 nmol299.00
QBO-490-01>50%<35 nm490 nm1 nmol299.00
QBO-525-01>50%<35 nm525 nm1 nmol299.00
QBO-540-01>50%<35 nm540 nm1 nmol299.00
QBO-580-01>50%<25 nm580 nm1 nmol299.00
QBO-600-01>50%<25 nm600 nm1 nmol299.00
QBO-620-01>50%<25 nm620 nm1 nmol299.00
QBO-645-01>50%<35 nm645 nm1 nmol299.00
QBO-665-01>50%<35 nm665 nm1 nmol299.00
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