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SVP is a group of autoclaved water soluble iron oxide nanocrystals with amphiphilic polymer coating. SVP has been autoclaved at 121 ° for 30 mins, which is suitable for experiments that require enzyme-free conditions.
Their surface functional group is carboxylic acid and their zeta potential is from -30mV to -50mV. Their organic layers consist of a monolayer of oleic acid and a monolayer of amphiphilic polymer. The overall thickness of the organic layers is about 4 nm. The hydrodynamic size of the nanocrystals is about 8-10 nm larger than their inorganic core size measured by TEM.
SVP is very stable in most buffer solutions in the pH range of 4-10. SVP can be conjugated to protein, peptide and DNA by following our standard conjugation protocol.

Catalog No.SizeAmount(Fe weight)Particle Amount(nmole) of 1 mg FePrice($) 
SVP-10-1010 nm10 mg0.86269.00
SVP-10-5010 nm50 mg0.86819.00
SVP-15-1015 nm10 mg0.27269.00
SVP-15-5015 nm50 mg0.27819.00
SVP-20-1020 nm10 mg0.11269.00
SVP-20-5020 nm50 mg0.11819.00
SVP-25-1025 nm10 mg0.058269.00
SVP-25-5025 nm50 mg0.058819.00
SVP-30-1030 nm10 mg0.034269.00
SVP-30-5030 nm50 mg0.034819.00
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