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SHP is a group of water soluble iron oxide nanoparticles with amphiphilic polymer coating. Their reactive group is carboxylic acid and their zeta potential is from -30mV to -50mV. Their organic layers consist of a monolayer of oleic acid and a monolayer of amphiphilic polymer. The overall thickness of the organic layers is about 4 nm. The hydrodynamic size of the nanoparticles is about 8-10 nm larger than their inorganic core size measured by TEM.

SHP is very stable in most buffer solutions in the pH range of 4-10 and can survive the autoclaving (121 °C for 30 min) and lyophilization processes.

SHP can be conjugated to protein, peptide and other amine containing molecules by following our standard Conjugation Protocol. Ocean NanoTech also offers a SHP-Protein Conjugation Kit which includes all crosslinking agents, autoclaved SHPs and autoclaved buffer solutions. If you need to perform SHP-protein conjugation, we recommend that you remove your original buffer solutions and use our Coupling Buffer to disperse your protein for the conjugation. Otherwise, precipitation may occur. If it’s your first time to perform this conjugation, you may use BSA as a model protein to get familiar with the whole process.

Catalog No.SizeAmount(Fe weight)Price($) 
SHP-3-COMBO10, 15, 20, 25, 30 nm10 mg each size549.00
SHP-5-COMBO10, 15, 20, 25, 30 nm10 mg of each size899.00
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