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Ocean NanoTech’s carboxyl terminated magnetic nanocrystals (MNPs) of various diameters (10 nm-30 nm) are now available in an easy-to-use kit format to enable researchers to conjugate proteins/ligands of their own choice to these MNPs. The kit contains sufficient reagents & components for performing at least 5 conjugation reactions using 1mg MNP per reaction. All componets in the kit have been autoclaved.

Briefly, the MNPs are activated using carbodiimide and N-hydroxysuccinimide followed by conjugation to amino groups that are present on the target protein/ligand. The protocol shown below has been used to successfully conjugate bovine serum albumin, streptavidin and immunoglobulin to these MNPs.

Conjugation Protocols:
  • ICK-10
  • ICK-15
  • ICK-20
  • ICK-25
  • ICK-30
  • Catalog No.SizeAmount(Fe weight)Price($) 
    ICK-10-00510 nm5 mg299.00
    ICK-15-00515 nm5 mg299.00
    ICK-20-00520 nm5 mg299.00
    ICK-25-00525 nm5 mg299.00
    ICK-30-00530 nm5 mg299.00
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