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SYP is a group of water soluble iron oxide nanocrystals with amphiphilic polymer coating in lyophilized powder form. Their surface functional group is carboxylic acid and their zeta potential is from -30mV to -50mV. Their organic layers consist of a monolayer of oleic acid and a monolayer of amphiphilic polymer. The overall thickness of the organic layers is about 4 nm. The hydrodynamic size of the nanocrystals is about 8-10 nm larger than their inorganic core size measured by TEM.
SYP can be reconstituted in DI water, DMSO, or DMF to any desired concentration less than 10 mg Fe/mL so you can do your conjugation in the solvent system of your choice. Reconstituted SYP in water can be conjugated to protein, peptide and other amine containing molecules.
Catalog No.SizeAmount(Fe weight)Particle Amount(nmole) of 1 mg FePrice($) 
SYP-05-025 nm2 mg6.9249.00
SYP-10-0510 nm5 mg0.86249.00
SYP-10-2510 nm25 mg0.86699.00
SYP-15-0515 nm5 mg0.27249.00
SYP-15-2515 nm25 mg0.27699.00
SYP-20-0520 nm5 mg0.11249.00
SYP-20-2520 nm25 mg0.11699.00
SYP-25-0525 nm5 mg0.058249.00
SYP-25-2525 nm25 mg0.058699.00
SYP-30-0530 nm5 mg0.034249.00
SYP-30-2530 nm25 mg0.034699.00
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