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Magnetic Separators 

Portable and easy to use magnetic nanocrystal separators with high magnetic fields. These are designed for the separation of iron oxide nanocrystals that have diameters of 10 nm and above. These can be used for 1.5 mL, 3 mL, 15 mL or 50 mL solution.


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 Prussian Blue Staining Kits 



The Prussian Blue staining kit (Catalog # IPS) is designed for qualitative detection of iron oxide nanoparticles on cells and tissues. It detects both specific and non-specific uptake and/or adsorption of nanoparticles. This kit is easy to use with step-by-step instructions and the signals can be visualized under a microscope or quantified by absorbance at 680 nm. The staining process is based on the chelation of iron by ferrocyanide, forming KFe(Fe[CN]6) which is blue in color.



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